“Turn your grocery store cork board into a cash machine that pays you over and over again.”
Introducing Cork Board CashEasy Money

Cork Board Cash comes with 60 flyers that will make YOU money!

The Cork Board Cash system is so simple my grandmother could do it. I can’t even give you too many details here without giving it away entirely.

In a nutshell this system comes with 60 customizable flyer templates you can place on any community cork board. You can find dozens of these boards in any town at grocery stores, colleges, recreation centers, shopping malls, pet stores and more.

All you have to do is pick a few templates to customize, print, post, and check your stats.

What do you need to make this work?

  1. A domain that you can redirect to a CPA offer, affiliate product or clickbank offer. (we explain the process)
  2. An account with any CPA network, affiliate program or clickbank.. (we explain the process)
  3. Adobe Acrobat Reader (yes the free one) NOT Preview Mac or some other non adobe reader.
  4. Any printer (color helps but not required)
  5. Some thumbtacks
  6. A trip to a few locations in your town that have a community cork board

What will you be promoting?

My 60 flyer templates cover the 2 most popular niches online.

  1. Weight Loss (popular among the moms who go to the grocery store)
  2. Business Opportunities (any work from home program you can think of)

How long does it take to make money?

Before I did anything I hired a local kid for an hour to place my flyers in the 4 major grocery stores in my small town. I had made 2 sales before the night was over and another 3 the next day. So I hired people using craigslist in a few larger cities and before I knew it I was pulling $300-$500 in daily CPA revenue.

You can literally make money the same day you put this in action!

I am not suggesting you have to hire anyone. I did because I am too lazy to leave my office.

What does my system include?

60 editable PDF, WORD and PSD flyer templates (you don’t need a PDF editor just a free reader to make changes)
1 page of step by step instructions. (it really couldn’t be simpler)

Do you need a website?

No. Just a domain that matches one or both of the niches you chose. This can be redirected to your CPA offer page.

How smart do you have to be?

  1. Smarter than broccoli
  2. Smarter than dirt

You can get my entire collection of flyer templates for this ridiculous low price while I collect testimonials.

Download Now!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Real testimonials from Warrior Forum (internet marketers forum).


Originally Posted by Robert Oliver
Hell, this is a great simple underpriced offer.

I have used this before with great success.

I bought for the templates which are worth

8-10x's the price of this offer in time saved.

Good job. Just shows how keeping it simple can

make you a lot of money. Off to the grocery store.



Originally Posted by kbayer63
I give this the "Newbie Seal of Approval" (if there is such a thing!!)...
This is ten times easier that the programs that say "it doesn't get any easier than this"...
Except for choosing the CPA or affiliate offer and domain name, Brad does almost everything else for you already... we just apply the thumbtacks.
Without going into much more detail, let me just say WOW!


Originally Posted by frankw
Well... I bit and am very happy. Like was mentioned already , the time saved with the templates is well worth it. And heck even if you get just one conversion it's paid for.

nice job!


Originally Posted by stevensmithsarticles
I just ordered and downloaded. Finally offers are coming out that CAN actually help people with little experience to make money. Very refreshing to seeoffers that actually work.



Originally Posted by Zeus66
Just bought... LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! This is PERFECT for anyone starting out or who works a J.O.B. and needs something part-time to add some income. Of course, it can also be added to your arsenal if you do this stuff full-time without much outlay or time investment. I dig it.

Oh, had to mention this... FoxIt Reader will also allow you to edit the templates. You DO NOT have to use Adobe Reader only. FoxIt is free as well.

Great offer! One of the best I've bought in my current buying spree. LOL



Originally Posted by Maria Gudelis
Brad - had to check this out after listening to your interview yesterday with Michael Hiles -

totally can see how this can be 'customized' also for other very cool money making activities!


Originally Posted by Jim Hallmark
Excellent offer! Very simple but very powerful. I love it. These are the best kind of offers IMO.

I look forward to implementing these strategies this weekend. I live in John's area so I'm going to have to beat him to the punch on some of the ideas he threw out there. Watch out John!


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